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        Isaignani     Ilaiyaraja

  Ilaiyaraja, the illustrious film maestro of south India,will be the first Asian whose compositions will be performed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra of London.

Ilaiyaraja,who has composed music for more than 750 films,mainly Tamil & 7 non-film albums in the past 24 years,is the most sought after composer in south india he is decribed as a musical geinus by his admirers.His musical creativity shows only signs of increasing.Another reason for his success & his endless stream of melody lies in his own appoach to music.He composed music for fillms,mostly in south india languages &few in Hindi.In the early 1970’s he went to London to attend the "Trinity College of Music",he returned to india with Gold Medal.

Ilaiyaraja said recently.......

"I have no parameters to resttict myself,whatever comes to my mind,I have no hesitation in doing,I have no bonds"

Music is the repeation- of a seven notes.Peam is the repeation- of a few words.

I say itself......

"you" are the truth."I" is with in you. Feel "I" in "you".Then you will find out that "I am not you" & "I" is nothing.

A little less than 3 Centuries earlier beethovan had said

" Other men make rules,I break them" while Ilaiyaraja does not cliam to beeethoren,in their thinking they are certainly kindred spirits.

Victor Rangel Ribeiro.USA A highly respected musicologist,he is the author "Baroque muic-A practical guideTo performers"


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