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Illayaraja the Legend.........

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              An american musicologit,victor Rangel Riberro,has praised  Ilaiyaraja   as a in a land of prolific composers.

              Recogizing his creativity, the Royal Philharmonic asked him to  compose a few months ago. In the case Of the chennai composer, the  Orchestra waived the condition that the complete score be sent at lease 3 months in advance.

              The recording is being done in the walthamstow town hall in London during the week of July.John Scott,a composer,will conduct the recording. John Scott has scored music for several holly-films including "Anthony & cleopatra"

              Ilaiyaraja said he had finished composing his grand symphony No 1 for a full-fledged Western classical orchestra to be performed by Royal Philharmonic, of which Queen Elizabeth II is the patron. Legend           


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