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About Ilaiyaraja

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Ilaiyaraja Birth

Born in a poor family at Pannaipuram in Theni Dist. His parents were DANIEL RAMASWAMY and CHINNATHAYEE.Date of birth is 3rd June 1943.

First Film

Ilaiyaraja’s break through came when he scored music for the tamil film "Annakkili" in 1976 (P.A .Arts)The movie was a runway success mainly because of the music.Then the producer "Panchu Arunachalam" started singing him up.

Name reason for Illayaraja

When Rasaiah ( own name of Ilaiyaraja) came to Scored music in "Annakkili" the producer "Panchu Arunachaiam" change the name Rasaiah as Raja.But on that time a music director named "Periya Raja" Was there.So, people get confused  with name.You are looking young(ilaya in Tamil) & your age lessSo, we keep as "Ilaya+raja=Ilaiyaraja" This the reason for Ilaiyaraja.


Ilaiyaraja’s mother Chinnathayee is the 3rd wife of Ramasway when he married chinnathayee he convert himself as a Christiam & change his name as Daniel Ramasway . Ramasway’s 2nd wife only son is pavalar Varadarajan.For Chinnathayee he has one Daughter, three Sons,they are

  1. Daniel Basher (R.D.Basher)
  2. Daniel Rasaiah (Ilaiyaraja)
  3. Daniel Amar Singh (Gangai Amaran)

Ilaiyaraja’s Family

Ilaiyaraja married his own sister’s daughter named "Jeeva" He has one daughter & two sons they are Daughter : Bhavatharini, Sons : Karthikeyan,Yuvan Shankar.Now they also become a music directors

Karthikeyan (karthikraja) - 7 films

Bhavatharini (Bhavatharini Ilaiyaraja )- One album + TV serial music

Yuvan Shankar (Yuvan Shankar Ilaiyaraja)- 5 films + One album + TV serial music

The impartant message all are Introdue’s films name starting with the letter "A"

Ilaiyaraja - Annakkili

Karthikeyan (karthikraja) - Alexander

Bhavatharini (Bhavatharini Ilaiyaraja ) - Angali

Yuvan Shankar (Yuvan Shankar Ilaiyaraja)- Aravindan

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